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We work with start-ups, corporations, and governments to explore, develop, and scale advanced technologies — and build the capabilities and resources to drive measurable and sustainable growth.

We are trusted by leading organizations

We bring together an entrepreneurial approach with access to networks of experienced international experts to create and capture value for our clients in a pragmatic and efficient way.

We focus on the following advanced technologies:

Space Tech

Selected references

Technology Exploration

Identify drone and robotics use-cases including an opportunity and risk identification for an international European Airport



Identified and analyzed use-cases

The project served as an introduction to opportunities in the space to understand the potential in the context of a wider cost optimization project

Business Building

Analysis and planning of a competence center for drones and robotics to drive innovation and develop new solutions for a governmental actor.


The project allowed our client to get approval from the board and a substantial budget to drive innovation in the space

Public Funding

Analyze the Public Funding Landscape in Switzerland and the EU for a leading player in the aviation industry to finance innovation projects.



identified innovation projects


Mio. in funding requested

The project allowed our client to identify and plan relevant innovation projects to drive their sustainable growth as well as find the right sources for public funding.

Technology Scouting

Identify leading start-ups for investments and partnerships in Switzerland for a leading American eVTOL manufacturer.



identified leads

The project led to multiple ongoing conversations to discuss partnerships and investment

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Business and Solution Building

Finance & Investment


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Dr. Erik Linden

Erik holds a Ph.D. from the University of St.Gallen, having researched on strategy processes and top management teams. He focuses on supporting clients at the intersection of governance, strategy and technology. Previously worked for large corporations, including Daimler, Porsche and MHP. He was Managing Director of the Swiss Aerospace Cluster.



Clemens Kürten

Clemens holds a Master’s in Business Innovation from the University of St.Gallen. He focuses on supporting clients at the intersection of innovation, investing and technology. Previously worked for PwC, Audi and Borussia Dortmund. He founded the Impulse Network, a student organization fostering intergenerational dialogue and serving as a seismograph for emerging trends.